From the Start to the Success Journey

Our Story

MENA Gate Group owns private investment portfolio that includes various local and International brands.

The Establishment

MENA Gate started in March 2012 in İstanbul as a general trading company. During the first few months of the establishment, the company engaged in import and export transactions of multiple types of products to explore the market and recognize opportunities that could be seized.

OnePlus Brand Launching

We started our first specialized commercial activity at the end of 2012 through launching OnePlus Ambalaj as packaging material brand and began importing and distributing packaging products inside Turkey and neighbouring countries.


Yaşam Gıda Launching

With keeping continuous development in the packaging sector, we have observed a shortage in foodstuff market. We managed to transfer this shortage into a profitable investment opportunity by foundation of Yaşam Gıda in June, 2015 as a company concerned in distribution and exporting foodstuff.


Taybah Cheese Factory

For ensuring a stable source and reliable supplier for products traded by Yaşam Gıda, we have established a partnership with Taybah Cheese Company in October, 2016 and launched Taybah Cheese as a brand for dairies products.

Menamar Brand Launching

Since we have a long experience in natural stone trading and we got the ability to access reliable sources of marble in the Middle East market, we decided to establish Menamar Brand in February, 2016 as a sectoral activity dealing with marble trading and exporting.


Reyhan Evi Brand Launching

Ensure the quality of all Yaşam Gıda’s products, Reyhana Foodstuff  brand was launched in August, 2017 to produces Halal oriental foods that include dairies, olive, halva, ghee, pastes, milk and many other foodstuff items.


Exclusive Agent of Lugano Caffé

MENA Gate Group got an exclusive agency from Lugano Caffé in March 2019 in Turkey. Lugano Caffé ® is specialized in Italian pod espresso, coffee products, and machines that are produced in Italy and distributed in Turkey and several countries around the world.

Our Vision

To be the first strategic choice for success partners
in investment opportunities.

Our Mission

Turning the right strategies into profitable businesses by applying them to attractive investment opportunities.

MENA Gate Group Values

1. Credibility and Commitment
We aim to create trust and loyal relationships between all the collaboration parties and partners.
2. Loyalty to the Organization
Mena Gate provides a passionate work environment where people with entrepreneurial ideas and different worldviews have intrinsic motivation to the success of the organization.
3. Professionalism and Workmanship
We ensure that we work together in a professional and respectful manner, always advancing toward a level of mastery in our fields of work.
4. Fair Profitability
We relentlessly pursue the highest standards and excellence in projects, products, processes, and services, and define success as getting the right things fairly done.
5. Social Responsibility
We are committed to working every day in socially responsible and ethical manner. Our values represent the guideline to our actions.

Goals & Objectives


Increasing the value of the portfolio companies.


Recognize investment opportunities and transform them into successful long-term projects.


Set new standards of work ethics, professional integrity, privacy and transparency in organizational administration.


Maintain investment growth by implementation a long-term investing strategies.