Wide Diversity of Turkish and Arabic Food Products

Following the great success achieved by MENA Gate Group in foodstuff distribution sector and gaining customer confidence, ensuring a stable source and reliable supplier was a strategic demand.

On the basis of mutual benefit and maximize value for all, a partnership was established between MENA Gate Group and Taybah Cheese Company.

Taybah is a firm which located in Kahramanmaraş was founded in 2013 with the purpose of producing dairy products and the oriental varieties of cheeses in particular.

Since 2016, MENA Gate is managing and operating Taybah Factory, adding its managerial experiences, presence and expertise in the foodstuff market in particular to produces high satisfying products for consumers.

Choosing carefully its trusty sources of fresh cow’s milk, Taybah factory produces more than 20 different varieties of cheeses as well as Butter, Ghee, Labneh and other dairy products.

The ancestral experiences and hand-held skills, merged with the spirit of the present in terms of utilizing modern Italian equipments is the base of work in Taybah.

Since health is invaluable, Taybah has always taken into account the international food safety standards, and obtained in this regard the following certificates of quality: OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

By our uniqueness in making cheese in Taybah, we shouldered the mission of delivering tasteful products with a natural origin and high nutritional value that satisfy consumers’ tastes and meet their needs.