Distinct nutritional value and taste at reasonable prices

Our activity in the field of Foodstuff Distribution has started since 2015 in İstanbul and Gaziantep to meet the rapid demands of the market and consumers of foodstuff and beverages. In this regard, and with the motto of “Home Flavour For Those Who Are Away From Home” we have formed and launched Yaşam Gıda as a subordinate company of MENA Gate Group..

Since its launch, Yaşam Gıda has focused primarily on dairies category including oriental kinds of cheeses, eggs and milk.

Our market has expanded to cover Bursa and Urfa in 2016, Mersin in 2017, Kahramanmaraş in 2018, Konya and Yalova in 2020, and it’s going ahead to involve all the main cities in Turkey.

By this time, the list of our products has extended also to contain beside dairies green and black olives, olive oil, halva, conserves, beverages, Italian espresso pod coffee and others.

Yaşam Gıda is always in a systematically study and analysis case of the food market to update its assortments and introduce new products and brands.

Moreover, the company is open to contacts of cooperation with suppliers, producers and partners in the field of foodstuff looking forward to mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.

The brands we are dealing with are Reyhan Evi, Taybah and Lugano, which are all MENA Gate Group’s brands.

Our dairy products are mainly produced in Taybah Factory which is a firm under partnership with MENA Gate Group.

The quality of products meets international food safety standards and they are produced on the base of ancestral experiences using the high advanced technologies.

One of our strength is the wide net of distribution channels which we managed to built in this short relatively period of time.

Now, our Van-Sales distribution channel services more than 2,000 Small & Large Groceries and over 500 Small Restaurant and Cafeteria throughout Turkey. With a fleet of more than 10 dedicated vans for the operations, our representative ensures that our brands and products reach all neighbourhood in the mentioned cities.

Our philosophy at Yaşam Gida is to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing high quality, distinctive taste, and valuable service at the affordable prices.