Eco-friendly and high quality packaging materials

The Packaging Stuff Sector of MENA Gate Group has been successfully operating in the Turkish market since 2012.

Thanks to partners and specialists in the fields of import, purchasing and sales, MENA Gate was able to establish a successful company concerned with packaging stuff trading and build its own competitive sales network with a solid client base throughout Turkey and Middle East.

To the packaging stuff market of Turkey, our company started suppling three categories of packaging products under One PLUS brand includes Pallet Stretch Film, Disposable Gloves and Adhesive Tape. Nowadays One PLUS products cover, in addition to Turkey, the markets of Italy, Iraq and some European markets.

Our expertise in many different markets gave us the flexibility and ability to supply a marked level of quality with very reasonable prices to multiple segments of customers.

Products of One Plus, Mena Gate’s packaging stuff brand, are produced at several leading international manufacturers in China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and others.

One Plus products are fabricated in accordance to international quality standards and subjected to efficiency tests that lead to high-quality products that satisfies our customers’ expectations.

We are constantly following up on the results of R&D centers in the field of packaging materials to update our product list with items that meet the requirements of the fast-growing market, serve the community and facilitate people’s lives.

Our developed structure of management applying advanced technologies and software through our continuously trained staff, provides a superior level of customer service involves delivery, shipment at time and after sales services.

Building high-trust cooperative relationships with our partners, suppliers and customers is our strategic goal in Packaging Stuff Trading Sector.